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13th-15TH MAY 2016


In the interests of racial harmony and public decency we respectfully request that no Nazi insignia or uniforms are worn at our event!

We’re on the look

out for volunteers

to help with with the event as Marshalls, Collectors and general helpers over the weekend.

If you can donate some of your time on 15th-17th May 2015 please get in touch.

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Welcome to the Haworth 1940s Weekend 2016. We hope you will find all the info you need about the event and visiting Haworth on these pages. As always we will proudly be raising funds for our partner charity SSAFA and this year’s theme will be “Airborne” to commemorate the incredible bravery and sacrifice of the airborne allied forces. We look forward to seeing you in May.

Grand Prize Raffle

This year you can win a fabulous cash prize in our Grand Raffle. 1st prize is a staggering £1000!

Tickets are available now at  Firths Boutique, Main Street and many other establishments in Haworth and throughout the weekend. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Limited Edition Signed Prints

Haworth 1940s Weekend have commissioned this unique picture depicting Forces Sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn painted by John Francis.

There are a limited number of these superb looking prints which measure 24” x 16 1/2”.

70 of these have been signed by Dame Vera herself and will cost £200 each.

No.1 of these prints will be auctioned at the Military Wives Choir Evening (details below)

There are also a further edition of 400 prints signed and numbered by the artist John Francis and these will cost £20.

Dame Vera Lynn signing our limited edition Haworth 1940's prints.

Huge thanks to Andy Kissack , Artist John Francis, printer Howard Baker and of course Dame Vera Lynn for making it happen.

Available now from Firths Boutique, Haworth.


As usual, the ever popular market stalls in Haworth Central Park and the Parsonage Car Park will be

set up offering a wide range

of goods, food and souvenirs. Please contact Nikki Milner by email for booking information:



We are inviting owners of period vehicles (built not later than 1949) to apply to attend our event.

If so please click here to download this years entry form.


The British Sword since Waterloo


Saturday 14th May - 11.30am in the Community Centre, Butt Lane.

Is the title of an illustrated talk which will be given by Robert Pooley M.B.E., the famous authority on British Swords and Chairman of Pooley Swords Limited, which is a major supplier to the Ministry of Defence and the Royal Household of military swords.

Robert’s fascinating talk on the subject given at the 1940s Weekend in 2015 and was heavily over-subscribed, so for 2016 it will be held in the larger premises of the Community Centre at 11.30 a.m. on Saturday 14th May.  Robert will be bringing a number of real and antique swords which the public will be able to handle, and will welcome questions from the audience.  The talk, which is free of charge, will last about an hour.

Representing Her Majesty,

The work of the West Yorkshire Lieutenancy and its People


Sunday 15th May - 11.30am in the Community Centre, Butt Lane.

Her Majesty’s Deputy Lieutenant for West Yorkshire David Pearson JP DL FRSA will be giving the above talk on the history, work and people of the West Yorkshire Lieutenancy at the Community Centre on Butt Lane on Sunday morning 15th May, at 11.30, immediately after the Remembrance Service in the Park at which all are welcome.  Again, the talk is free and will last about 45 minutes with time for questions afterwards.

Weekend Lectures

Deputy Lieutenant Major Stanley Hardy TD DL in No.1 Blues non-ceremonial uniform
Every county in the United Kingdom has a Lord-Lieutenant (pronounced “Lord-Leftenant”) who is the personal representative of Her Majesty the Queen for that County. They are supported by a network of deputies, the number of which is governed by statute. One Deputy is designated ‘Vice-Lord-Lieutenant’, their understudy should they be unavailable or ill.

For centuries they commanded the Territorial services but since 1922 their role has been largely ceremonial, as the Monarch’s County representative.

Deputy Lieutenant David Pearson JP DL FRSA in No.2 Service Dress.
All Lieutenancy officers are appointed as any other military officer, by Commission and Gazetting in the ‘London Gazette’. The Lord-Lieutenant as a result of recommendation from the Prime Minister to the Queen, following selection by the Appointments Office at Downing Street; the deputies hold their commissions from the Lord-Lieutenant. They are required to submit their resignation from active service when they reach 75 years of age when they go onto a retired list.

Military service is no longer a pre-requisite, nor are the officers drawn from land owners or the aristocracy. Officers are appointed today because of their previous public, civil or military service. Drawn from all quarters of life, great care is taken to ensure that they represent a complete cross section of people from the county.

Officers attend engagements at which it would be appropriate for a member of the Royal Family to be present, but which is impossible due to the number of requests. They are required to comment on Honours nominations, they nominate names for Buckingham Palace Garden Parties and regularly attend a large range of functions representing Her Majesty. Attendance of Lieutenancy officers at the Haworth 1940s Event, which raises funds for Service Charities and is run by volunteers is a typical example. The officers are entirely self-financing, covering all their costs, including transport and uniforms.  They also provide their time entirely free of charge.
Deputy Lieutenant Squadron Leader David Dinmore MBE DL RAF (Retired) in No.1 Blues non-ceremonial uniform.

The appointment to a Lieutenancy Office is a military one, effected by Commission, Gazetted in the London Gazette and known as a ‘Special Appointment in the Army’ although very few officers today have a military background. A Lord-Lieutenant is the equivalent rank of a Major-General (the most junior General officer rank, of two star status) whilst the vice-lord and deputies are equivalent to a Brigadier which is the most senior Field Rank in the British Army and of one star status. Their uniforms reflect these ranks precisely.

There will be two officers of the West Yorkshire Lieutenancy on duty on each of the three days of the 2016 Haworth 1940s Weekend. They will be wearing either the Lieutenancy No 1 uniform which is blue with red gorgets and stripes, or No 2 Service Dress with red gorgets, in both cases with swords. The officers are emphatically not ‘re-enactors’; they are serving officers representing Her Majesty at the event. They will be visiting all parts of the village on each day and welcome the opportunity to meet and speak with everyone present. Please feel free to approach and ask the Officers anything you like about the Lieutenancy, they will be only too pleased to discuss it with you.

If you would like a Lieutenancy Officer to attend a function, then ask them or you can contact the Lieutenancy by telephoning its office at Bowcliffe Hall, Bramham, LS23 6LP on 01937 845911 or e-mail  lordlieutenantwyorks@aol.com


The West Yorkshire Lieutenancy